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The following entry includes information on two John Elliotts, Jr. and Sr.

The Elliott family had a relationship with the Mason family from Raspberry Plain for at least twenty years. A John Elliott was overseer for the Mason family on the Raspberry Plain property during the year 1794 and received his wages of £33 on 1 January 1795.

The Masons' overseer was either John Elliott, a Loudoun County landowner and farmer, or his son by the same name, sometimes referred to as John Elliott Jr. John Elliott, the father, was married to Hesther Elliott and owned land near the properties of Josias Clapham, John Sinclair, and David Beatty. The latter is most likely the same D. Beaty from whom the Masons hired a horse for 3 days in 1795. In April 1794, John Elliott divided his approximately 160 acres of land in a bond which gave each of his two sons, John and David, half. In 1801John Elliott Jr. purchased his brother’s half of the property.

On 3 February 1798 John Elliott Jr. married Rebecca Camell. The couple were married by the Methodist minister John Littlejohn who belonged to the Old Stone Church in Leesburg  and who, in 1814 during the War of 1812, hid both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution during the British invasion of Washington, D.C in order to keep the documents safe. In 1802, either John Elliott or his son purchased the entire estate of Jacob and Nancy Dehaven for $800, which included approximately 80 acres of land along with all the livestock, plantation tools, and household items, which brought the Elliott property to approximately 240 acres.

One of the John Elliotts died before 1803 leaving an estate inventory totaling over £800, though it is unclear whether it was father or son. However, it is clear that John Elliot Jr. had died by 1808.

By Bridget Swart