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James McClean (alternatively spelled as McLeane, McCleane, McLean, or McClan), was a physician.  In 1793, he purchased a half a lot with a house and gardens running between Loudoun and Royal Streets in Leesburg. He bought a second lot in 1794. A James McLan, which may have been the same man, married Mary Brown in Leesburg in 1808.

In the Mason family manuscript account book, McClean is given the title "Dr.," indicating his status as a medical professional. Details about his life are sparse, and the variety of spellings for the surname make it difficult to prove that any documentary evidence refers to the correct James McClean. A man by that name appears in the Virginia tithables list for 1783 and for 1794 in Loudoun County, and county militia roles show a James McLean/McLeane/McLane serving in 1793 and 1801 and of his having been charged with muster fines for non-attendance in 1798 and 1799. Doctor James McClean does not appear in the 1810 Census for either Leesburg or Loudoun County. As late as 1839, however, a James McLean resided on a farm in Loudoun County near the crossing of the Potomac River at Point of Rocks, Maryland.

By Kristin Jacobsen