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Robertson William

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During what was probably the early part of 1795, William Robertson was paid three times for weaving services by the Mason family. Weavers were typically male, difficult to come by, and in high demand. They were responsible for producing various types of woven and patterned fabrics and were usually employed by families to produce cloth for both household goods and clothing. William Roberston the weaver was most likely from Fairfax County, not Loudoun County, where he performed and was paid for his services.

The Robertson family was significant in the history of both Virginia and Fairfax County through two different branches, that of James Robertson and William Robertson. James Robertson was a large landowner in modern day Arlington County. His property enjoyed access to the Potomac River and his descendants married into several local families, including the Birch family of Prince William County. William Robertson arrived in America in 1750, from Scotland, and his heirs married into many significant Virginia families including the Fairfax family and a descendant of Pocahontas.

By Bridget Swart